01-08 92 93 44 62
02-08 51 37 37 61 47 97
03-08 93 44 44 71 94 04
04-08 67 81 81 60 30 17
05-08 87 88 88 64 51 98
06-08 83 33 33 96 16 38
07-08 05 89 89 65 56 56
08-08 24 18 86 16 46
09-08 76 49 49 69 14 31
10-08 52 45 45 44 42 87
11-08 41 24 24 70 89 05
12-08 99 43 43 55 26
13-08 27 21
01-08 30 17 84 90 26 35 35
02-08 44 54 93 39 97 13 29
03-08 74 64 56 16 84 07 15
04-08 49 71 65 17 55 28 39
05-08 03 36 12 06 40 39 76
06-08 15 43 23 46 82 47 78
07-08 61 28 14 69 86 65 38
08-08 65 99 49 56 12 77 50
09-08 61 52 78 68 31 37 42
10-08 41 89 17 96 54 43 67
11-08 24 41 08 44 76 21 25
12-08 98 60 42 07 10 53 14
13-08 62 56 14 55 42 74 99
01-08 94 51 49 29 94
02-08 83 26 88 12 88
03-08 39 79 86 34 68
04-08 77 40 92 52 29
05-08 16 71 59 85 95
06-08 54 89 40 68 04
07-08 25 83 52 47 25
08-08 83 65 68 03 86
09-08 29 64 57 95 75
10-08 68 13 11 02 11
11-08 49 78 50 15 05
12-08 08 50 30 78 03
13-08 86 94 68 21 86
01-08 27 96 54 95 62 72
02-08 40 73 98 33 79 04
03-08 15 44 18 07 48 51
04-08 10 18 96 38 55 01
05-08 87 88 80 84 04 78
06-08 40 33 48 50 28 04
07-08 66 98 77 51 68 66
08-08 24 81 41 42 21 42
09-08 80 94 89 79 13 08
10-08 70 54 97 97 45 07
11-08 09 42 40 15 67 90
12-08 82 34 19 31 01 28
13-08 48 72 75 33 24 84
01-08 25 69 39 84
02-08 67 37 16 96
03-08 98 44 17 73
04-08 47 81 06 58
05-08 79 88 46 21
06-08 15 33 69 53
07-08 45 89 56 17
08-08 71 18 68 69
09-08 48 49 96 45
10-08 07 45 44 13
11-08 59 24 07 69
12-08 80 43 55 93
13-08 54 27
01-08 44 49 86
02-08 74 38 45
03-08 49 93 35
04-08 03 77 47
05-08 15 61 05
06-08 61 45 62
07-08 65 52 40
08-08 61 38 72
09-08 41 92 33
10-08 24 86 69
11-08 98 94 86
12-08 62 80 81
01-08 75 66 66 81
02-08 82 63 36 93
03-08 75 05 50 57
04-08 32 77 77 96
05-08 00 13 31 73
06-08 93 70 07 44
07-08 29 97 79 18
08-08 19 59 95 88
09-08 51 63 36 33
10-08 62 61 16 98
11-08 88 87 78 81
12-08 31

मात्र एक no दिलाएगा आपकी जिंदगी की डूबी हुई ख़ुशी चाहे शादी हो घर में या फिर ऑपरेशन या फिर कर्जदार का पैसा देना हो ये सब कौन कराएगा आपका भाई ?


Chairman Satta King


जो भी भाई पैसो की तंगी से दुखी है बो आएं हमारे पास क्यों की हम दिलाएंगे आपको इससे छुटकारा | हमारी एक कन्फर्म जोड़ी जो कि डायरेक्ट कंपनी से आपको मिलेगी आपको बना सकती है मालामाल | आज ही संपर्क करें

अशोक अवस्थी चेयरमैन दिसावर


दोस्तों नमस्कार अब आपके पास मौका है खाई वालों को लूटने का और अपना लॉस पूरा करने का जल्दी से जल्दी लीक सिगल जोडी गेम बुकिंग करवाए



गली और दिसावर में आज होगा धमाका 💣 सिंगल जोड़ी होगी पास बिना पलट के गारंटी के साथ गेम काटने वाले को ईनाम भटको कहीं भी काम यही होगा सिंगल लीक जोड़ी के लिए व्हाट्सएप करें





How to become Satta King VIP Member?

How to Play Smart Satta King Game?

How to Get Confirm Satta leak Number?

How to Get Satta king fast results?

Real fact behind the Satta King game

Satta King game is one of the leading gambling number based games that are being played around the world. Many peoples are addicted to this game and they play on regular based with a good amount of investment and they always ready to play this Satta Matka game. As we know satta king game is a lottery game and hence, Its not legal in India. This game is too simple to play as it does not require any technical knowledge to learn. In this Satta king game you have to select some number in a particular game out of 100 and wait for the result of that game.
Number selection is not enough, you have to invest in those numbers according to your pocket to make a valid Satta King game. if you do not invest at the beginning, your game would not be treated a valid game as this investment decides the winning amount if you are having good luck as if any of your selected numbers come as the result of you selected satta king game on a particular day.
You can win a good amount of money in this satta king game, on the other hand, we should not forget that the loss percentage is always more than the winning percentage. many people won a good amount of money many time but many people losses even their houses also. you have to take proper attention while investing your amount in the Satta king game.
We strongly recommend you stop play this Satta King game as the selection of the number is not that much easy and the trick which is available in the satta king market is really difficult to understand. winning a satta king game is really a difficult task to win. Still, you want top play satta king game, play at your own risk and if you want some expert advise or satta leak number you can contact any experience guesser and that's really easy in such a big platform of satta Matka

The Origin of satta king (सट्टा किंग) and Matka king game?

Satta king (सट्टा किंग) game is the ancient game of India which is being played from the 19th century. Ratan Khatri, who started the Satta Matka game in India Who Was also known as The Father Of The Satta Matka Game. This game is started In Mumbai in 1962 by Ratna Khattri and Kalyan Bhagat. Ratan Khatri was also known as "Matka king" This game was started From The Opening And Closing Rate Of Cotton Transmitted In Cotton Exchange. But later on, it was changed in different forms like Matka where strips randomly selected from a POT (MATKA) but now it is being pled openly at the casino in different from like bingo, slot machine, spine wheel and many more. the craziness of this Satta king game never ended after being banned in India many people manage to play at risk.

Is Satta King a Legal Game or not?

We have seen many people asking on google about that "Satta king is legal or not?" If you are one of them who wants to know about the status of satta king legality than we want to inform you that yes, Satta king is an illegal game in India. It is band is India due to the stature of satta king game as it falls in the category of gambling activity. We have seen many news and laws against this Satta king game on TV and the newspaper which proves that its an illegal game and totally band in our country. If we study the Indian law constitution of gambling we find that the Satta king game falls in the category of gambling because the satta king game is based on chance or luck. The gambling game which is not having any skills and totally based on luck or chances are illegal in India. The government have many laws to stop this Satta king game being played in India which includes fine and imprisonment if caught involved in this game. People still involving in the Satta king game as they thought it just a game of luck but as par government, Satta king does not fall in the category to the legal game and hence, they made laws against this game.

Why the satta king game become famous?

This question is really interesting that satta king is a banned but still the most popular game in India why? Let me tell you that the Satta king game is the most effective game in India and having a big crowd connected to this huge platform of the satta Matka gambling game. If you are curious to know the answer to that question why this game is that much famous than as par my opinion I want to let you know that today In this fast-growing smart generation people do not want to work hard. thay beliefs in smart work whether we can talk about the people comfort zone or earning daily bread. peoples, now a day do not have patients they want to become a billionaire over the night which leads to the growth in popularity of Satta king. Another reason is that the satta king game is easy to play and you can play at any location, To play satta king game you do not need any technical knowledge and you can start with minimum investment even with 10 Rs. The player of satta king mostly belongs to the common class and the Satta Matka compies understand this very well they can easily make them its customers by selling the dream to have become rich in just one day and people start playing on regular based with the hope of being a rich one day. No dought satta king game is having the capability to make you rich in no time if you are having good luck. and also it can make you poor over the night if you can't control your ego. This is the reason why the Satta king game attracts people that much and people become addicted to this game even they know playing this game could make them in trouble in the form of fine or even imprisonment

What is the Different form of Satta king games?

The popularity of Satta king is at the boom as compare to all other real cash game so it's quite difficult for the authority to manage from a single spot, hence they categorize them into different forms at different locations of operation. there is form most famous Satta king game which is being played and operated in all over India and other stares of many countries. let's have a light on all those for the form of Satta king game.

Desawar Satta king: Desawar Satta king is the most popular game among all other Satta king games you can find the result of Desawar Satta king on many websites. It opens its result in between 5:00 to 5:30 AM. people love to invest in Desawar Satta game and you can find its Record chart at any website. You can find this game at the top of many websites that may be due to its fans following or game timing. You can find all Desawar results of the current year in this Desawar record chart 2020.

Gali Satta king: This game is another most famous game of Satta king Bazar. this game is having its own huge crowd to play. This game is also being played all over India. It's open its at around 11:00 to 11:30 PM. This game gets its popularity due to its game timing as at its result people are relaxing at its home and having sufficient time to spend on their mobiles. you can also find it on every Satta Matka website due to its popularity and you can also play this game at any khaiwal. if you want to view its current year record chart you can click Gali Satta record chart

Faridabad Satta king: Yet another sensational name is the domain of Satta king Bazar. this game comes under the category of most famous games of the Satta king market. people really enjoy playing the Faridabad Satta king game. you can also play this game at any spot offline and online. Faridabad opens its result in between 06:00 to 06:30. you can find the Faridabad Satta game on every Satta king website with a record chart. You can find Faridabad current year record chart Faridabad record chart 2020

Ghaziabad Satta king: Ghaziabad game broadcast its result at 08:15 sometime sooner, sometime later, This game is also most played game in India and can be played at any Satta spot. Many people believe if they play Ghaziabdad game they end the day in a profit. you can also find this game at every Satta king site and can view the current month record chart al every game here is the Ghaziabad Satta record chart 2020. of our website.

How to Play the Satta king game?

Satta king game is very easy to play as this game is based on luck and if you are one of them who is having good luck and you want to try your luck in Satta king game where you can earn a good amount of money in a single shoot that you are at the perfect place where we can tell you all about Satta king playing procedure and method of playing Satta king game.

First of all, we want to inform you that the Satta king game is illegal in India and we warn you to play Satta king game If you are still want to play Satta king game than it's up to you are not responsible if you are in profit or loss playing this game. you will surprise to know that In the Satta king game you do not need to know any technical knowledge. anyone can play this game as there is not any age limit and you can invest any amount in Satta king game from 10 to 1000 its up to you.

There are two modes of play Satta king game

Offline mode: In offline mode, you have to find a Khailwal, which you can find to your nearby location for playing offline. Khailwal is the person we are involved in Satta king playing activity and which can make you play this game. In this mode, you have to visit the spot and select some number in some particular Satta king game like Desawar, and then you have to raise your bid by paying in cash according to your pocket. all there procedure notes in a piece of paper. Then you have to wait for the result of that game on its result timing. Tha you have to check if the result is equal to any of you selected number that you would get 90% of the amount you used on that number which comes as the result only, then as normally you have to visit that sport again to collect your prize.

Online mode: Both the method of playing Satta king game is almost the same, but it doesn't deal in real cash. you have to select any satta king game on which you want to raise your bid. then you have to select some number on which you have to raise your bid. Then you have to wait for the result as same as in offline methods and if you win you will game 90% of your invested amount. But the main difference id that in online mode you have to play and received your prize online may to by any application of bank transfer. you don't have to visit any spot and find any Khaiwal which can save your time. but you have to download any application of your device to play where you can manage your games, you plying history, and you can raise your bid early on that application.

I hope this can clear your dought and question how to play Satta king.

How to become a Satta king winner?

Each and every player of this satta Bazar wants to be Satta king. This title is given to the player who is having ability win any satta Matka game like Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad, Rajkot, Faridabad. This is really not easy to become a satta king champion as you have to select a few numbers from 100 which is having less change to open that number as a result. There is not any tricks or technique to become a satta king or to win any satta king game on a fixed day, but still many people manage to win this game using satta leak number. Satta leak number can make to win any Satta king game as it comes direct from Gali Desawar company the place where this satta game operates. if you are also planning to become a satta king winner than you also have to contact the satta leak number provide. you can see the some ads with yellow colors in our site which is having a contact number of satta leak number providers, you can contact and having the super jodies of any game and you can be satta king champion of any day on any day.This is a really simple and secure way to win any satta king game like Gali Desawar. I wish this post helps you to win the satta game and become satta king of any game on any day.

How to get Satta King Results?

Satta king result is the main element of Satta king game as winner or loser of every Satta king player is depend on this Satta king result only. this is the reason why people are curious to see the result of every Satta king game like Desawar, Gali, and many others. we call Satta king game a number based game the number is the result which is being open on daily based in all Satta king forms. Every Satta king game has its own timing of result and a good website always tries to update the result of every Satta king game on its timing and correct. the Satta result should be on time and should be correct. If you are one of them who are active participants or regular players of this Satta king game than you can understand the importance of Satta result. you want Satta king result super fast you can visit our site on regular based as we try to update our game result fast and correct you will never disappoint with our service. you can get every Satta king game result on its time and you can also visit our Satta king live record chart where you can find al;l the updated result of every hot Satta king games along with that you can get the record chart of every Satta king game in our website which truly helpful in finding Satta upcoming Satta result. In Matka-king.in you can find the result and record chart od all Satta king game and Matka king games. the correct result has been updated on time. we also help you to cover your loss be Satta tricks and techniques.

How to add your game to our site?

We "Matka king" allow our visitors to add their games to our site with a separate admin panel. If you want to add your game to our site and operate with your self then we can provide you the option in which you can update, delete, update your game result which will show in all page of our site, you can also add the you game to our record chart page which will show all the result update by your month-wise. For that, you have to contact our site owner to add your game with all other famous games of satta king Bazar. Our site will help your game become famous and you will get work on it. we provide all our members to operate its own satta king game without disturbing others games.